ThermoLife is proud to unleash the first ever VasoDianabolic formula guaranteed to obliterate the creatine and nitric oxide categories! Forged with a technology over 130 years in the making, C-BOL was designed to support gripping muscular contraction, deliver freakish vascularity for pumps-on-demand, and provide dual-ignition of protein and glycogen anabolism for massive strength increases and dominating athletic advancement. This is not hype. This is science. THIS is C-BOL.

  • The TRUE Perfection of Creatine!

    Fueled by United States patent-pending Creatine Nitrate, C-BOL swells up your intramuscular creatine levels promoting anabolism without leaving you looking smooth, soft, and bloated. Extracellular water suffocates muscle growth, which is why today's most dominant athletes rely on C-BOL to achieve superior muscle growth, retaining that hardened muscular look without sacrificing definition. Now you too can retain that hardened muscular look without sacrificing your definition.

  • Experience Freakishly Intense, Long Lasting Muscle Pumps!

    C-BOL annihilates the nitric oxide category by delivering rock solid pumps-on-demand and freakish vascularity! ThermoLife is proud to introduce the brand NEW Nitrate Technology - a supplement industry FIRST in 8 hour nitric oxide production backed by over 130 years of medical research.

  • Explosive Muscular Performance and Growth

    With muscles super-saturated with creatine and blood vessels dilated for hours on end, athletic performance becomes athletic dominance. Hard training athletes trust C-BOL to deliver the fiercest muscular contractions to ruthlessly pound through set after set with unrelenting intensity. Smash through training plateaus and pack on more MASS and POWER with C-BOL today!

The bottom line is simple. C-BOL obliterates BOTH the creatine and nitric oxide categories combined. One formula, one bold new approach, and one hell of an unforgettable experience!

of C-BOL

C-BOL marks the arrival of a powerful new sports supplement category - VasoDianabolics.

Dually unleashing a powerful increase in vascular expansion and blood flow while simultaneously ramping up muscular anabolism, C-BOL is the first ever VasoDianabolic creatine formula created! Driven by 10 strategically placed, physiologically active nutrients including ThermoLife's United States patent-pending VasoDianabolic Creatine Nitrate, C-BOL has become hands down the most awe-inspiring creatine formula ever developed. And it doesn't just obliterate the creatine category. It also happens to annihilate the nitric oxide category as well!

Introducing the First Ever VasoDianabolic - Creatine Nitrate!

There is no doubt that creatine is tried, tested, and proven to work. But it has three major flaws. First, creatine stores A LOT of excess water on the outside of the muscle cells, making your muscles look smooth, soft, and undefined. Second, that extreme extracellular water retention can restrict muscle cell growth, pushing back in as the muscle cell tries to grow outward and expand in new size. And finally, when you discontinue creatine, you can look visibly smaller - an impact that can affect drive and motivation. C-BOL was scientifically designed so that you would never again say, "I was HUGE when I was on creatine, but I lost all my gains when I came off."

ThermoLife scientists are proud to introduce Creatine Nitrate - a creatine molecule with an organically bonded nitrate attached. Unlike creatine monohydrate and other forms of creatine, Creatine Nitrate helps your body excrete unsightly excess extracellular water and sodium retention. This allows muscle cells to experience supersaturated creatine levels, explosively expand in growth without restrictions, and do so while maintaining that hard and dry look of a highly calibrated professional athlete.

But the effects of Creatine Nitrate do not stop there.

A BOLD New Approach to Nitric Oxide Has Arrived!

For years companies have promised "garden hose veins", "freakish vascularity", and "blood soaking muscular pumps" so insane that ALL your muscles will explode. Those advertisements are comical at this point because it has never happened. "Why is that," you ask?

To trigger muscle growth, a pump MUST be sustained for several hours. Traditional nitric oxide boosters fail for two reasons. One, nitric oxide is rapidly destroyed in the body, resulting in short lived pumps. Two, precursors to nitric oxide such as l-arginine and citrulline rely on a destructive rate limiting factor, the enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). However, overuse of the NOS pathway can result in less nitric oxide produced in the long term.

ThermoLife scientists obliterated these result-limiting factors by using Creatine Nitrate in combination with a powerfully synergistic cast of supporting ingredients. "How so," you ask? Nitrate is NOT dependent on NOS for nitric oxide production. No, in fact nitrate is reduced to nitrite where it can circulate for several hours generating nitric oxide. Once again, ThermoLife scientists have developed a bold "outside the box" approach to muscle growth! Creatine nitrate massively dilates blood vessels for hours on end, engorges muscles with blood while pumping every muscle fiber full of powerful anabolic nutrients necessary for freakish muscle growth! In fact, so powerful is nitrate at boosting nitric oxide that it has been used medically for over 130 years to treat cardiovascular ailments, among others.

The end result marks a revolutionary achievement that obliterates two powerful muscle building categories at once. C-BOL's VasoDianabolic approach delivers powerful intramuscular creatine saturation while providing long lasting, blood soaking muscle pumps that incite freakish levels of new muscle growth and power.

Gone are the days of looking soft and bloated from regular creatine use! ThermoLife is proud to introduce C-BOL, helping athletes unleash their BEST gains ever!

C-BOL Delivers Results FAST!

Delivering Results FAST!

Your First Few Workouts:

After your first few workouts using C-BOL you're thinking to yourself, "Can this stuff really be working that fast?" And it is. Creatine Nitrate is hard at work, dilating your blood vessels and providing greater muscular fullness. The VasoDianabolic stage is being set for greater muscle growth, strength, and recovery, and you're excited to tear through the workouts soon to come!

After 7 Days:

By now your muscles are engorged with blood and flooded with superior levels of creatine. Even when you're not lifting, you're looking thicker and more pumped throughout the entire day. Your vascularity and pumps are taking on jaw-dropping new dimensions; an effect that lasts long after you are done training! And, like others who have reported so, you may notice that your erections are thicker and harder, improving your sexual performance! With protein and glycogen synthesis ramping up in full effect, you're starting to set the first of many personal records to come. You simply feel powerful.

Looking Ahead as You Leave the Competition Behind:

By now you know that C-BOL is the BEST creatine formula EVER! C-BOL's VasoDianabolic effects help you set new personal records and crank out more repetitions with ease. Thrilled with the quality of conditioning you have achieved, you're looking bigger, thicker, and fuller while showcasing wicked vascularity. Your muscles are pumped almost all day, appearing leaner, harder, and drier than ever before. Gone are the days of using creatine that make your muscles look soft and puffy. You're achieving your best conditioning ever, growing every week in power and stamina, and you feel unstoppable in your quest to achieve your goals.

Comparing C-BOL

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After experiencing the ThermoLife difference with C-BOL, you will never again train without it.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about C-BOL

  • What is C-BOL?

    C-BOL is the World's First VasoDianabolic creatine formula. C-BOL is designed to support gripping muscular contraction, deliver freakish vascularity for pumps-on-demand, and provide dual-ignition of protein and glycogen synthesis for massive strength increases and dominating athletic advancement. C-BOL is fueled by ThermoLife's United States patent-pending Creatine Nitrate - a creatine molecule chemically welded to nitrate. The fusion of creatine to nitrate provides athletes with all the powerful advantages that creatine has to offer while delivering jaw-dropping vascularity and pumps that last up to 8 hours long. And unlike creatine monohydrate, Creatine Nitrate expels water from the extracellular space between muscle cells. This results in leaner, drier, and harder looking muscle mass while allowing muscle cells to expand in size at a faster rate.

  • What is a "VasoDianabolic?"

    Great question! Creatine Nitrate is classified as a "vasodianabolic." That is, Creatine Nitrate works by promoting vasodilation of the blood vessels, flooding your muscle tissue with massive amounts of blood for up to 8 hours, and triggering a hypertrophic growth response. And this is the key. Unlike traditional nitric oxide precusors such as l-arginine, Nitrate can circulate in the blood for up to 8 hours in length generating nitric oxide. In order to trigger muscular anabolism, a pump MUST be sustained for several hours, a feat that Nitrate is capable of achieving. Thus, the combined effect of extreme vasodilation for up to 8 hours signals muscle cells into an explosively anabolic growth state.

    This is a vasodianabolic - authoritative muscular hypertrophy induced by extreme vasodilation and muscular pumps.

  • How do I take C-BOL to maximize the effects?

    To maximize the effectiveness of C-BOL, we recommend that you take six (6) capsules approximately 30 minutes before your workout, and another six (6) capsules within one (1) hour following your workout.

    C-BOL's anabolic effects work in part by increasing protein synthesis - that is, the assembly of new proteins to create new muscle mass. Therefore, you will find it beneficial to increase your daily protein intake by at least 50 grams over your current ideal amount. How do you determine your ideal protein intake? It's simple. Consume at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight you have. If for example you weigh 200lbs, you will want to consume between 200-300 grams of protein per day.

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