E-BOL - Introducing the World's FIRST Non-Hormonal Super Anabolic Matrix!

E-BOL is every pro-hormone manufacturers worst nightmare - a scientifically developed formulation for those seeking powerful anabolic results with zero negative androgenic side effects so commonly associated with hormones and pro-hormones. At ThermoLife, we have finally unlocked the secret to delivering powerful anabolic effects through unshakable physiological adaptation by establishing an industry first in physiological adaptogenic-anabolic connections. No other company has ever dared to engineer this dual approach to maximizing anabolism with the level of technological advancement and purity testing found in E-BOL.

  • A Revolutionary Approach to Anabolism

    The cutting-edge E-BOL matrix stimulates your muscles into an anabolic growth state while biologically "auto adjusting" your own unique physiological systems, permitting unsurpassed levels and new heights in anabolism. E-BOL defines a breakthrough-category in bodybuilding supplementation, becoming first ever to elicit this unshakable adaptogenic-anabolic connection.

  • Only the Purest Ingredients at Unprecedented Standards

    E-BOL marks the achievement of a monumental level in purity, potency, and standardization that is absolutely unmatched in the industry today - a hallmark of all ThermoLife formulations. Experience the true adaptogenic-anabolic power of E-BOL's purity-fueled matrix and smash through even the toughest of sticking points in your training.

  • 100% Non-Hormonal

    Each ingredient in E-BOL is scientifically documented and guaranteed to be free of the undesirable side effects associated with the use of hormones and pro-hormones. Non-hormonal and totally safe, users of E-BOL can maximize their true anabolic potential for the first time ever without any unwanted androgenic side effects. And, athletes can safely use E-BOL without fear of a positive drug test result!

And best of all, E-BOL contains physiologically significant and standardized amounts of each ingredient in order to produce pharmacological effects - a trademark distinction of every single ThermoLife Product, including E-BOL!

Physiological Systems and Anabolic Potential of E-BOL

Creating Every Pro-Hormones Worst Nightmare!

Introducing the Adaptogenic-Anabolic Connection...that pro-hormone manufacturers have been hiding from you!

Pro-hormones work through physiologically brute mechanisms and fail to address the real reason why the human body is so reluctant to engage in anabolism. Fact is, the human body has many complex physiological systems such as the endocrine system, the central nervous system, and the liver (to name a few) that unbeknown to many have a biologically intelligent influence on anabolism and performance. Yet for many hard training athletes these systems function below their normal operating ranges. This in fact can stifle an athletes' anabolic potential and impair optimal performance.

Forgoing the "easy" route of pro-hormone administration by directly addressing the true reason why athletes struggle to progress, ThermoLife scientists approached E-BOL with a revolutionary idea - to provide athletes with a dual "adaptogenic-anabolic" effect to crush anabolically restrictive physiological stressors. By including biologically intelligent adaptogenic compounds capable of reducing anxiety, improving physical energy, optimizing sleep, enhancing mental focus, relieving exhaustion, and the body's overall ability to thwart the catabolic effects of stress, the human body can better facilitate muscle growth...a lot MORE muscle growth in fact!

To achieve this, ThermoLife scientists reviewed over 30 years of scientifically published evidence to develop an industry first - the first ever physiologically intelligent matrix capable of "auto-adjusting" and amplifying your physiological systems based on your own unique individual needs!

By magnifying your adaptogic potential, you can unleashing a freakish capacity to expedite muscle growth through entirely non-hormonal means!

Altering the Anabolic Vision of Muscle Growth!

Numerous athletes rely on pro-hormones (androgens) to build muscle and improve performance. Androgens work by directly binding to the androgen receptor site on the muscle cell and turning on the growth switch. Once initiated, new proteins are assembled to create more muscle mass at an unnaturally accelerated rate. The result is powerful, but comes with costly side effects such as acne, hair loss, prostate enlargement, shrunken testicles, and the development of breast tissue. "No thanks. There has to be another way," we said to ourselves.

Thinking "outside the box" of androgen mechanics, ThermoLife scientists set out to unleash an equipotent level of biologically freakish anabolism through four 100% non-hormonal mechanisms. First, ThermoPure Technology (ThermoLife's exclusive purity testing process) was used to develop and standardize Turkesabol™ from Ajuga turkestanica. Turkesabol is the identical source material proven to enhance protein synthesis, rivaling the anabolic steroid methandrostenolone (Dianabol). To date Turkesabol is the most potent turkesterone extract EVER utilized in a sports supplement formulation! And, Turskesabol ignites protein assembly without binding to the androgen receptor. Second, using additional Thermo-Purified non-hormonal anabolics, ThermoLife scientists non-hormonally incited superior glycogen synthesis - that is, creating more intramuscular horsepower for athletic use without androgenic side effects.

Thermo-Purified Turkesterone = GAME OVER.

But ThermoLife scientists were just getting started! Third, non-hormonal anabolic extracts were purified with strong supporting evidence in their ability to actuate satellite cells - small, dormant mononuclear cells found between the basement membrane and cell membrane of individual muscle fibers. The size and shape of a muscle group, such as the biceps, is ultimately limited to the number of muscle fibers present. Some people are born with more fibers and can build more mass. Others are born with less and struggle for years to make gains. Being involved in the normal growth and repair of muscle tissue, once actuated they are capable of fusing with existing muscle fibers to form NEW muscle fibers. Scientific evidence suggests that the ingredients in E-BOL are capable of actuating these satellite cells, which may lead to a massive increase in new muscle fibers.

The forth approach is to naturally enhance red blood cell (RBC) formation. RBC's are the primary means through which oxygen is delivered to bodily tissues, including muscle tissue. By naturally enhancing RBC formation, it may be possible for athletes to rev up their aerobic capacity (VO2 max) and endurance. Studies published over the last 30 years provide enlightening evidence that ingredients in E-BOL may harness the capacity to enhance RBC formation. Needless to say, with more oxygen supplied to your muscle cells, you may be capable of delivering dominating performances in the gym, superseding previous best records, and advancing muscular performance at remarkable rates.

Gone are the days of searching for long-lost androgens that happen to fall through today's legislative loop holes. The development of E-BOL spans the course of over 30 years of scientific study and required a R&D budget that exceeded even some biotechnology companies!

To become every pro-hormone manufacturers worst nightmare with the introduction of E-BOL was well worth it, as athletes world wide are attesting to today!

Delivering Results FAST!

Delivering Results FAST!

Your First Few Workouts:

E-BOL begins to work fast! Almost immediately, the powerful adaptogenic properties of each ingredient in E-BOL begin "auto adjusting" your physiological systems and fine-tuning to your individual needs. As system optimization begins to climb, you feel a restored sense of physical energy as the stage is being set for superior anabolism. With endurance and recovery almost immediately improving, your muscles begin to show the first signs of greater density and hardness.

After 7 Days:

By now E-BOL has fully saturated your system. Your body is rapidly growing in it's ability to thwart stressors that have previously prevented you from achieving your maximum anabolic growth potential. The revolutionary E-BOL matrix is signaling muscle cells to grow as more dietary proteins are converted into lean muscle mass. As a result, fat loss is being stimulated and you're starting to think to yourself, "Wow, this is the real deal." You notice that you have higher levels of physical energy to power through your workouts, your focus in the gym is becoming unbreakable, and you are now able to handle heavier weights with greater ease.

Looking Ahead as You Leave the Competition Behind:

With each passing week your muscles are looking thicker, rich with superior density and size as body fat levels continue to decline. Your endurance and power output is far above what proper diet and exercise alone can accomplish. Your physiological systems are fully optimized, and with the superior ability to blunt catabolic stressors you are looking, feeling, and achieving your best results ever! In fact, like many E-BOL users, you won't be surprised to find that you have gained up to 5lbs of rock solid lean muscle mass. But best of all, you are doing so without any androgenic side effects that are so common with hormones and pro-hormones. You realize that the difference in ThermoLife's dedication to true raw material sourcing, scientific research, adherence to strict quality control, and purity testing has made the ultimate difference helping you finally achieve your goals.

Comparing E-BOL

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After experiencing the ThermoLife difference with E-BOL, you will never again train without it.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about E-BOL

  • What is E-BOL?

    The "holy grail" in muscle building sports supplementation has always been to design a formula that will 1) mimic the potent anabolic properties of hormones and pro-hormones, while 2) doing so without any of the androgenic side effects associated with hormones and pro-hormones. That is a very TALL order to fill, and thanks to ThermoLife scientists unrelenting pursuit in achieving this goal, E-BOL has become the Worlds FIRST non-hormonal, super anabolic matrix.

    The revolutionary E-BOL matrix signals muscle cells into an anabolic (growth) state, increasing nitrogen retention and converting more of your dietary protein intake into lean muscle mass. E-BOL also possesses dual adaptogenic effects that effectively "correct" your physiological systems according to your own individual needs. In turn, this permits anabolism to excel and your physique and performance to break through previous "sticking points". This adaptogenic-anabolic effect is uniquely elicited by E-BOL, defining it as a breakthrough category in bodybuilding supplements.

  • How do I take E-BOL to maximize the effects?

    To maximize the effectiveness of E-BOL, we recommend that you take two (2) capsules three (3) times daily. Each serving should be taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to a high protein meal.

    Because E-BOL's ingredients are also scientifically proven to ramp up protein synthesis, you will find it beneficial to increase your daily protein intake by at least 50 grams over your current ideal amount. How do you determine your ideal protein intake? It's simple. Consume at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight you have. If for example you weigh 200lbs, you will want to consume between 200-300 grams of protein per day. Then, add 50 grams of protein in addition to your ideal amount.

  • How long can I stay on E-BOL?

    While it is not uncommon for E-BOL users to gain 5lbs of lean muscle mass with their first bottle, for best results, we recommend that you use E-BOL for a full 50 days (2 bottles). After 50 days, take a 3-4 week break prior to using E-BOL again.

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