T-BOL natural testosterone booster

Introducing Maximum Strength Testosterone Enhancement! Designed for athletes who refuse to be held back by boundaries, T-BOL unleashes the most imposing levels of BOTH total and free testosterone - EVER! That's because T-BOL is testosterone enhancement done RIGHT. T-BOL works WITH your body, rather than against it, so that you can smash through records, forge pounds of rock solid muscle mass, and unleash a tirade of testosterone so impressive that your game will be forever changed. Welcome to T-BOL, the most awe-inspiring, scientifically researched, and well thought out natural testosterone booster ever conceived.

  • TRUE Testosterone Elevation!

    Unlike "divanil-based" testosterone formulas with proprietary blends that actually lower TOTAL testosterone values, T-BOL naturally increases BOTH total and free testosterone production, making T-BOL a TRUE testosterone booster! T-BOL amps up total and free testosterone, prohibits testosterone destruction, and modulates estrogen rather than annihilating it for the fastest increases in mass, power, and performance!

  • Power Up for MASS!

    Veins coursing with testosterone and androgen receptors unlocked, a new level of muscular growth is instantly within your grasp. T-BOL emboldens your body, strengthening and invigorating muscle fibers with the fortitude to handle heavier and heavier weights with ease. "Another rep you say? I'll give you 5" as you crank out 7 more and ignite every fiber into an anabolic growth state.

  • Surging Increase in Sexual Desire

    "Why stop at purely increasing testosterone, mass, and power?" That's what we said too! T-BOL can also deliver a near insatiable sexual desire and performance increase. Unlike traditional testosterone boosters that work AGAINST your body with libido-lowering aromatase inhibitors, T-BOL works WITH your body to produce more testosterone-fueled sexual prowess. Just make sure you warn your girlfriend or wife in advance!

T-BOL - Androgen Pumping Horse Power Amped up 520%!

T-BOL is Testosterone Enhancement Done RIGHT!

"Done right? Has testosterone enhancement been done wrong?" Absolutely. Traditional testosterone boosters relied on steroidal-based aromatase inhibitors (AI). These AIs were SO strong that they crushed estrogen beyond annihilation, thereby inhibiting lean mass gains and lowering sexual desire. AI's have also been reported to cause painfully dry joints, to have lead to false-positives on drug tests, and to have potentially disrupted healthy cholesterol values. And, it gets worse.

Today, many testosterone boosters rely primarily on nettle extract containing "divanil." An excellent free testosterone booster when used correctly, "divanil" has a little known secret. While it raises FREE testosterone, when used incorrectly it also LOWERS TOTAL testosterone...making these supposed "testosterone boosters" not really boosters at all.

"So how is T-BOL any different," you ask? T-BOL increases BOTH total and free testosterone, forgoing the use of AI's and refusing to have its foundation rely solely on one ingredient. T-BOL is in fact testosterone enhancement done RIGHT.

Unleashing the TRUE Titans of Testosterone

To do testosterone enhancement right, ThermoLife scientists had to 1) massively increase free testosterone, and 2) do so without lowering total testosterone. More importantly, they could only use clinically proven ingredients. So did they do it? You bet they did, and they did WAY more than that!

To massively increase free testosterone correctly (the only form of testosterone that can build muscle), ThermoLife scientists infused T-BOL with 900mg of Divanabol™ and 300mg of patent pending Alatusterone™. Unlike other testosterone boosters, Divanabol contains 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran AND additional lignans that ALL actively increase free testosterone, while Alatusterone has been clinically verified to raise free serum testosterone levels in mammals by a massive 520%!

The next step was to ensure that total testosterone production would not lower with such enormous increases in free testosterone. After reviewing years of scientific literature, ThermoLife scientists identified four powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to increase TOTAL testosterone. "Which ingredients are those, and how much total testosterone do they create," you ask? Take a look!

  • Forskobolin™ (120mg) - Clinically proven to increase testosterone by 40%!
  • Testafolia™ (300mg) - Clinically proven to increase testosterone by an imposing 100%!
  • Testveratrol™ (600mg) - Used to prolong the active lifespan of testosterone released by Forskobolin and Testafolia by preventing testosterone metabolism in the liver!
  • BZATD™ (30mg) - Providing MORE of the raw material needed to create higher levels of total testosterone!

And, as you have probably noticed, ThermoLife scientists refused to hide each ingredient in a deceptive proprietary blend. In fact, every ingredient in T-BOL is provided in physiologically active amounts - a trademark distinction of ThermoLife formulations!

But this is where T-BOL really becomes "testosterone enhancement done right!"

T-BOL is also formulated to be incredibly healthy.

Formulating T-BOL to be rich with healthy benefits was our number one priority. After all, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Just how healthy you ask? Unlike pro-hormones, powerful ingredients inside T-BOL are scientifically verified to possess strong anti-oxidant properties. They offer liver protective and cardiovascular benefits in addition to being anti-hypertensive. One key ingredient displays incredibly healthy benefits to the prostate, while others have even been shown to possess antimalarian, antiviral, and anti-anxiety benefits. Hands down T-BOL is not only the most complete natural testosterone booster on the market, but it is also the smartest choice on the market too.

As you can see, T-BOL is unlike any testosterone booster on the market today. T-BOL delivers a massive, yet balanced increase in BOTH total and free testosterone. It contains only clinically proven ingredients that are effective, healthy, and safe for use. T-BOL does not hide behind proprietary blends, nor does it utilize steroidal AI's.

T-BOL IS testosterone enhancement done RIGHT, and you are going to love your results!

T-BOL Delivers Results FAST!

Delivering Results FAST!

† Your First Few Workouts:

T-BOL goes to work fast, stimulating the testosterone production centers of your endocrine system. With each passing day you can feel more and more testosterone being unleashed into your veins, fueling your muscle fibers, and increasing your sense of well being. You feel good. You can feel your muscles starting to harden up, increasing in density and fullness.

† After 7 Days:

Your veins are coursing with higher and higher levels of testosterone with each passing day. Workout after workout you are increasing in strength, working your way up the dumbbell rack and adding more plates to the stack. Your muscles are looking thicker with greater vascularity, and you may notice that your body fat is decreasing as well. You are sleeping better at night, waking up refreshed, and are enjoying the heightened sense of well-being from T-BOL.

† Looking Ahead as You Leave the Competition Behind:

By now you know that T-BOL is hands-down the most powerful testosterone booster on the market. Testosterone unbound and coursing through your veins, your body is transforming with greater muscularity as body fat is dissipating to reveal deeper and deeper muscular separations. Previous best records are falling left and right, and T-BOL's effects on testosterone enhancement feel enjoyably intoxicating. You simply feel stronger, more confident, and renewed with a greater sense of well-being. Your sex drive is absolutely ravenous and you enjoy knowing that T-BOL offers so many healthy benefits.

Comparing T-BOL

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After experiencing the ThermoLife difference with T-BOL, you will never again train without it.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions about T-BOL

  • What is T-BOL?

    T-BOL is the strongest natural testosterone boosting formula on the market today. Working WITH your body, rather than against it, T-BOL was designed to massively increase BOTH total testosterone and free testosterone for unsurpassed advancements in lean mass acquisition and strength enhancement. T-BOL is not a pro-hormone and does not require a post cycle therapy.

  • How do I use T-BOL?

    Using T-BOL is easy. Preferably on an empty stomach, take 2 capsules in the morning, another 2 capsules mid-day, and 2 capsule in the evening. Why should you take 2 capsules in the morning? That's a great question. Many supplements offer stronger benefits when strategically taken at key points throughout the day. When you are sleeping, your body naturally produces testosterone. When you wake up, testosterone production is at its peak. By taking 2 capsules of T-BOL immediately upon waking, you will be able to create a lot more FREE testosterone in your body for maximum muscle growth throughout the day.

    One strategy that many T-BOL users have reported to be extremely effective is to consume 2 capsules of T-BOL pre-workout. Doing so will help increase your training intensity levels as more free testosterone is created, in addition to NOS (nitric oxide synthase). NOS is the enzyme responsible for producing nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator that can massively increase muscular pumps and endurance.

    After using T-BOL for 50 days (2 bottles), we recommend that you discontinue using T-BOL for 3-4 weeks prior to using T-BOL again.

  • What is "free" testosterone and how is it different from "testosterone?"

    Testosterone can exist in two states; bound and unbound (free). The unbound, or "free" form of testosterone is what builds muscle mass. The more you have, the greater your anabolic potential.

    Testosterone becomes bound when a globular protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) binds to testosterone. It's like gum getting stuck to a key. When gum is stuck to the teeth on a key, that key cannot properly fit into the lock and unlock the door. The same principle applies to unlocking muscle growth. When SHBG (gum) binds to testosterone (key), testosterone cannot bind to your androgen receptors (key hole) and open the door to muscle growth.

    However, while free testosterone builds muscle, focusing only on boosting free testosterone values is not the answer. In fact, if you only increase free testosterone, it is not uncommon to experience a decrease in total testosterone production. This occurs because your body senses an imbalance in your testosterone to free testosterone ratio. In response, your body will lower its testosterone output in an attempt to re-establish a normal ratio. This is a major downfall of many testosterone boosters on the market, as they focus only on increasing free testosterone. So the key is to use a formula, like T-BOL, that increases BOTH total testosterone production and free testosterone for a true testosterone boosting experience.

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